VINES: New or Old?

What is a New or Old Vine?

Grapes On The Vine In Autumn Stock Photo

A vineyard normally takes 2-3 years to grow vines of fruit viable for wine production.

The vine develops a root system and gets situated in its location (climate, water access, soil types).  Following many vintages, the vine adapts to its surroundings and grows ‘older and wiser’ fruit.

Grapes Stock Photo

Grape vines have a production threshold. Productivity lessens in the mid 20’s-30’s. Instead of tightly packed clusters as on young vines, the older vines produces less clusters with smaller, concentrated berries.

As a finished wine, the more layered and concentrated the product is. There are ‘no’ legal regulations on ‘old’ vine distinction. You can check the label.

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The more you drink wine and become familiar with the vineyard and name of the producers, you will learn what to expect from each.

So, go for diversity, young and old wines!

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