September in Vail, Colorado    (check out Photo Gallery for additional Vail pics)

Vail is normally considered a “Winter Season” destination.  I recently vacationed in Vail and the weather was pleasant and the city was not crowded. Vail has East to West Vail, Cascade Village, Vail Village and Golden Peak. I write about Lionshead Village in a separate post.

The Rocky Mountains with the dark green foliage, light green grassy ski slopes and the leaves a brilliant yellow was breathtaking.

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While there, I went to the Farmers Market in  the Vail Village.  Individual white tented venues were colorful with fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers and homemade bakery. Walking down the cobblestone paved streets were vendors displaying craft items, leather cut belts, wooden built statues, wine vineyard tasting stations and bakery booths. The recent Winner of ‘Cupcake Wars’ was from the Vail area and had dozens of delectable cupcakes for purchase. My husband and I chose 2 chocolate cupcakes with melt in your mouth fillings. Sitting on one of the benches nearby, we devoured them sharing our choices. I wanted to buy ‘more’ but the warm weather would have melted the frosting within minutes. The cupcakes were ‘finger licking good’ as we licked the frosting from our fingers. Sticky, but ohhh so good!


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Three wineries were present serving samples of their vineyard wines. The Colorado wines were available for bottle purchase. Needless to say, I selected two red wines to imbibe during our stay in the area. (Grappa fine wines & spirits)

Vail has unlimited options for accommodations. The large log condos and Lodges were located in the city center and on the surrounding rocky cliffs. The immense size and beauty of the condos and homes welcome guests year around. Every weekend, activities are planned in Vail to ensure a bustling community throughout every season. Shops and restaurants were open and visitors enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the shops and beautiful view outdoor patio seating for meals or a glass of wine.

Vail is definitely ‘for the dogs’. It appeared everyone had a pet on a leash. Pet ‘dispensers’ were located along the pathways. Dogs were not allowed on the grass. I met a man who had his rescue dog with him in training in Vail. During the winter, he vacationed in my city training other dogs for service. What a coincidence!

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While sitting on a patio sipping wine, I watched the ski lifts going up and down the ski hills giving visitors a beautiful view of the city and mountain area. I could imagine the ‘in Season’ crowds lining up dressed in their ski apparel to head up the mountain for that exhilarating ski down the mountainside. How crowded and ‘party-like’ the atmosphere must be!

There are bistros, a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Joe’s Deli, Pepi’s Bar and Restaurant, Pazzo’s Pizzeria and shops for purchasing souvenirs, shirts and a pet boutique, of course!

Vail Village is a place where I could easily ‘set down roots’. The Village (even without snow) is a picture postcard I did not want to step out of. I could easily see myself retiring here or vacationing yearly.

A few suggestions for visiting Vail…..drink lots of water. The elevations are high and you need to stay hydrated. Good quality walking shoes are a must. Don’t forget your credit cards for all the shopping sales available!

West Vail has a Sushi restaurant, bank, Liquormart, Ramen Bar, Barbershop, Gas station, hair salon and Ace hardware. Accommodations are also located in this area. (Holistic Vail Cascade Resort and Spa)

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