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How Healthy are the Diet Fads?



Research has shown that Fad Diets come and go quickly. Every magazine or news article you read will have a new “discovery” for ‘quick weight loss’, ‘losing that extra belly’. ‘eliminating certain foods from your diet’. Junk food is just as bad. So quick and easy but so bad for the body!

In reality, everyone knows that losing weight, maintaining that loss and feeling energized will take more than a ‘quick fix’. Sadly, to say, some try and end up  being depressed, lethargic or even become ill. Fad diets will seldom ‘fix’ the issue which is lack of exercise and healthy eating.

I have researched and admit I have tried a few ‘quick fixes’ to no avail. A carefully constructed plan or “Healthy” program is necessary.

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Some programs are structured such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and other advertised approaches. These programs can sometimes be costly but your meals are planned for you with additional choices you can make. They are true and tried programs for which many have had success.

Motivation is a huge advantage in a structured program, either on-line or by attending meetings. Realizing that others are dealing with the same weight issues as you can actually be helpful. You are receiving positive feedback and your progress can shared with others. If you falter, you can re-energize and begin again.

Have you tried something and given up? I have. Then you even feel worse. The question I always ask is “What can I do to help me succeed?” The answer is always …..get involved with other people.

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Join an exercise program with a friend. You will probably want to stop if you don’t have someone to ‘cheer you on’.  Yoga classes are a wonderful way to exercise and meet new people. YMCA’s have group programs from swimming to floor exercise to walking. You need to move out of the ‘comforts of home’ where it is too easy to just sit. DVD’s are great but the TV can quickly be turned off or your YouTube videos turned off to check your facebook!

On my Pinterest board…..I Write About Travel @maryao53, I have developed boards about Healthy Food, Drink, Exercise, Yoga, Vegan eating, Vegetarian and Weight Loss/Motivation and Weightloss Eating. Exercise boards and Fitness are also available. TAKE a Look….Become a HEALTHIER YOU without the FADS……


Healthy…Here I Come!

After months of ‘letting things ride’,  I have taken action….Finally!!!

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I have begun the 21 Day FIX – Beach Body Program…..The plan in working perfectly…

The plan sets up a Healthy Eating Program using proportion containers which are color coded for carbs, healthy fats, fruits, veggies, seeds and dressings.

Here is how the program works. They guide you through the process of figuring out how many calories you need a day. Then you check the guide sheet and see how many containers of food you should eat a day. There is an extensive list for every category. Grocery shop, track on the sheet guides and start eating.  No guessing or trying to figure out what to eat and how much. No weighing of food. What fits in the container you eat. Easy! Shakes (Shakeology) can be purchased or make your own in a blender. Recipes are in the 21 Day FIX booklet. There is a section on Beachbody HQ Eating Plan also.

The Tally Sheets are great for easy tracking. Every time you take a container to eat you put a number on the sheet (example: 1,2). The tally sheet is color coded the same as the container color. Totally Easy!

Now, I needed to move….and Fast! With the program are movement Cd’s. Pop into your disc drive and 30 minutes flies by…..There are four various programs in the fitness portion. All self-paced. Equipment….a yoga mat, a few weights (can used food cans), and something that stretches (like a plastic jump rope or cord). That’s it!

Now, there is  ‘No Way’ I could do any program without my wine!!!! Really!   Three times a week I can have my wine!  And there are desserts to make that will make you drool!

Included is a Restaurant Food Guide.

Water, lemon water, lime water, fruit water…..Just drink!

You can also consult a Team Beachbody Coach for advice and motivation. It is FREE!

I have lost 3 pounds since January 1, 2016. In a few days after starting the program, I feel healthy habits starting…I can think clearer, my body does ‘ache’ in a few places, but I am moving!

I am writing this blog with a 4oz. glass of red wine next to me….

I did a ‘before’ pic which I refuse to post……Maybe I will post the ‘after’.

Want more information ……send me a question!

Their website is: TeamBeachBody.com

Now, off to enjoy my wine, read my email and find a snack in the fridge later! Maybe some shredded cheese!

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Check out my Pinterest post on Fix 21. Lots of food choices and meal preparations.