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The Beauty of Fall


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Follow the path less traveled. Sit awhile and enjoy the crisp fall days.


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Standing on a bridge in awe of the color of autumn leaves floating lazily down river.


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Preparing for the upcoming “deer season”.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The fresh air, feeling the light breeze, shuffling through the falling leaves of orange, yellow, gold and letting my thoughts drift about the beauty that surrounds me. Peaceful, comforting, relaxing….by myself with the sunlight, reflective water and scent of the season.

ASPEN, COLORADO…NOT JUST A WINTER DESTINATION      (Check out Photo Gallery for more Photographs of ASPEN)

You hear the city name of Aspen and what do you think?

Snowy ski slopes, skiing, snowboarding, warm jackets, hats, mittens, scarves, headbands, heavy socks and ski boots. How about hot chocolate, bonfires, iced eyebrows, red cheeks, dry lips, facial sunscreen and ‘anything’ that will keep you warm!

Well, Summer and Fall is a different scene. Warm, comfortable days for walking and shopping has an array of name brand and designer labels (exclusive, luxury) to consignment shops and thrift stores. sitting on patios in the sun with a glass of wine or beer, shorts, sandals, short sleeve shirts, maybe an umbrella and riding up the Silver Queen Gondola and not having to wait in lines! Hiking, biking, golf, tennis, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking are the fresh air outdoor activities.  There are 7 popular hiking trails and 3 classic road bike rides.

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Aspen in the ‘off season’ is quiet, ‘sale signs’ appear on store windows, reservations are not needed at most os the 100 restaurants which offer choices from haute cuisine to pub grub. The Spa’s offer a variety of massage packages, treatments ranging from oxygen rooms to yoga. The street pathways are not crowded. Rental units are reduced and the quantity of available accommodations are abundant.

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What is Aspen? The scenery is magnificent with majestic high peaks of the Rocky Mountains and the lush green grass in the valley with streams running through. The homes (many 3 or 4 stories high) sit on the cliffs. Luxurious condos and cabins are located ‘in the action of the city’ and on the roads leading  to the downtown. A historical hotel is located on Main Street and there are museums and some historical sights to visit but the main emphasis is built around the concept of sport activities, specifically Winter Season. The John Denver Santuary is located by the Rio Grande Park. The John Denver Memorial includes many of his songs etched into the rocks. Nestled along the river, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the area.

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Plan Ahead For Fall  –  Why not a cruise?

The month of August is coming to an end quickly. Summer vacation is over and students are heading back to the classrooms. It’s time to pick up the magazines which have been piling up on the floor and open the cover and start reading. I’m retired and I still have not found time to page through and read all the informative articles. Fall is here and it is time to get started.

Fall is my favorite season with the changing colors of leaves, the crisp mornings, less humidity and great outdoor activity time. Time to grab the camera and head out the door.

This time of the year is also vacation planning time. Have you seen the cruise deals and air deals lately? As many of you may know I am ‘addicted’ to cruising. I am gathering all my photos and have a list of cruise lines I have traveled with and will share that information in the upcoming weeks. I will be sailing away on my 15th cruise in December. (I actually cruise frequently because that is how my husband likes to travel. We don’t get lost, even with a GPS, and we only unpack once.) I have packing for a cruise down to an art form. If we drive to the port it is 2 small suitcases, 1 large case and a carry-on for my camera equipment. If we fly, it is 2 small suitcases and 2 backpacks, that’s it. No checking luggage.



As of today, I have sailed on Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian and Bahama Breeze. In the coming weeks, I will be posting my cruise experiences.

Planning a cruise? Do you have questions? Sign up for my emails and ask away. I will reply shortly.

Mary Ann