WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO AS A FAMILY (before the end of February)?

Valentine’s Day has passed.  It is still cold outside. Time to move on and make plans for the remainder of February.

When my children were young, I would seek out a ‘close’ destination with an indoor water park or indoor pool. Packing enough clothes for two days and not forgetting the swimsuits was not an issue. No need for sunscreen.

We checked into our weekend ‘vacay’. Normally, I packed a cooler chest with ice, beverages and snacks. I only packed one suitcase and each child grabbed a backpack for their ‘electronic items’.

I always booked 2 queen beds (or 2 doubles).  We  took turns using the one bathroom…now that is a story I am not getting into!

We always went to l

a restaurant for our evening meal. The only requirement was ‘not’ a fast-food establishment. A sit down dinner with no electronics. Success!

These vacations are precious memories. I always had my camera ready to get that perfect shot! Oh my, the photo albums I have! When my children moved on as they became older, their photo albums went with them. Who knows if they ever have looked at them?

The ‘vacay’ weekends were planned within our budget and the time spent together as a family was priceless. Would I do this again? “In a Heartbeat”.

Ideas for the best ‘vacay’ weekend.

  • Plan ahead. Google nearby destinations and check for any weekend deals.
  • Do not bring multiple suitcases. Pack Light!
  • Bringing pillows or stuffed animals? Put a bright or colored pillowcase on the pillow…you will not leave it behind! Stuffed animals are the FIRST thing you pack before you begin the process of leaving.
  • After everyone has left the room, one adult is responsible to check the bathroom, under the sheets and under any chairs or beds. Also check any dresser drawers (normally the rule is not to open them).
  • Before you close the door, take one last look, smile and head to the car for the trip home.

Hope you enjoy a family ‘vacay’ in February!























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