Month: February 2016

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO AS A FAMILY (before the end of February)?

Valentine’s Day has passed.  It is still cold outside. Time to move on and make plans for the remainder of February.

When my children were young, I would seek out a ‘close’ destination with an indoor water park or indoor pool. Packing enough clothes for two days and not forgetting the swimsuits was not an issue. No need for sunscreen.

We checked into our weekend ‘vacay’. Normally, I packed a cooler chest with ice, beverages and snacks. I only packed one suitcase and each child grabbed a backpack for their ‘electronic items’.

I always booked 2 queen beds (or 2 doubles).  We  took turns using the one bathroom…now that is a story I am not getting into!

We always went to l

a restaurant for our evening meal. The only requirement was ‘not’ a fast-food establishment. A sit down dinner with no electronics. Success!

These vacations are precious memories. I always had my camera ready to get that perfect shot! Oh my, the photo albums I have! When my children moved on as they became older, their photo albums went with them. Who knows if they ever have looked at them?

The ‘vacay’ weekends were planned within our budget and the time spent together as a family was priceless. Would I do this again? “In a Heartbeat”.

Ideas for the best ‘vacay’ weekend.

  • Plan ahead. Google nearby destinations and check for any weekend deals.
  • Do not bring multiple suitcases. Pack Light!
  • Bringing pillows or stuffed animals? Put a bright or colored pillowcase on the pillow…you will not leave it behind! Stuffed animals are the FIRST thing you pack before you begin the process of leaving.
  • After everyone has left the room, one adult is responsible to check the bathroom, under the sheets and under any chairs or beds. Also check any dresser drawers (normally the rule is not to open them).
  • Before you close the door, take one last look, smile and head to the car for the trip home.

Hope you enjoy a family ‘vacay’ in February!























Uncorking at the Door County, Wisconsin Wineries.

Door County Wine Trail logo


door county sunset and wine


2015-06-01 05.01.47 - Copy

Wineries and vineyards are frequent vacation venues. Wisconsin’s Door County is an area of abundant vineyards, apple orchards and cherry trees. Door County is a peninsula jutting out between the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The peninsula has 300 miles of sandy beaches, 19 small communities covering a 70 mile long peninsula and 34 named islands bustling with over 2 million tourists during the four seasons of the year. In Door County, you can relax on the beach and catch the ‘Sunset in the glass’.

Beginning in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin the wine trail travels thru the ‘Cape Cod of the Midwest’. Small, lovely seaside resorts, specialty shops, restaurants and quaint mini-malls follow the meandering road. Art studios, galleries, spas and accommodations from camping to hotel luxury are nestled between 5 State Parks, 11 Lighthouses and miles of hiking trails.



The popularity of the wineries is showcased on a ‘Door County Winery Tour Guide’ sheet. Winery Tour Trolleys transfer visitors to various wineries in the county. This is highly recommended if you will be visiting more than a few wineries a day. ‘Winery Hopping’ will require a car to drive to the communities and their wineries.
The hardy vineyards and wineries are owned by Master winemakers whose heritage, tradition and technology produces quality wines. The winemakers are passionate in their art. The grapes are produced on their own estate vines which are visible from the roadways. Wine flavors are highlighted for all seasons monthly. Dining, cheese and chocolate pairings can be experienced at select wineries.


The tasting begins with approaching the wooden standing bars. All the wineries have a brochure of their featured wines. A pencil, wine glass and the brochure will begin the sampling process. A selection is made and a small amount of wine is poured into the glass. Swirl the stem, sniff, sip and savor are the four “S’s”. Water and crackers are available for cleansing the palette between tasting. Checking your favorite wines will prevent confusion at the end. The wines begin with whites followed by reds, ports and specialty fruit wines.



Where to begin? Follow this tour.


Door 44 – Sturgeon Bay
Red Oak – Sturgeon Bay
Door County Peninsula Winery (and Distillery) – Carnesville
Harbor Ridge – Egg Harbor
Lautenbachs – Fish Creek
Stone Harbor – Bailey’s Harbor
Simon Creek – Jacksonport
Von Stiel (Algoma)


Starboard – Sturgeon Bay
Starboard – Sturgeon Bay
Shipwrecked – Egg Harbor
Door County Brewery – Bailey’s Harbor
The list of wineries and community locations provide the ‘uncorked experience’

Cruising in Style


Alluring destinations reached on elegant cruises and yachts makes the travel to the ports of call an experience unlike any other. Fewer passengers with exclusive, personalized, attentive staff takes cruise travel to a new level of standards.

Image result for downloadable cruise ships and yachts


Cruising is an all-inclusive concept on luxury cruise lines and yachts. The relaxation in designated suites and cabins include luxurious accommodations with exclusive sleeping areas, seating area, mini-bars, balconies and personalized service.

Social areas are lush and inviting for guests to relax and socialize. Wines and other beverages are complimentary and chefs prepare elegant, delectable cuisine three meals a day. The crew is attentive to their guests needs.

These luxury yachts and cruise ships provide fitness areas and the ultimate spa experience.

Samsara Spa

Image result for photo cruise fitness center

Cruising guests dress elegantly in the evening and classy casual during the day. The men’s attire is normally slacks, shorts, long and short sleeve shirts. Don’t forget evening dress shoes.


Image result for cruising clothes wear cruise photo collections

Tours at the visiting ports are arranged. Individuals arrive and have the opportunity for group touring or couple exploration using guides or GPS held devices. Cruise excursions may be researched on the cruises website for early booking.

Whatever cruise line you decide to take your voyage on, you will be immersed in culture, gorgeous scenery, relaxation and adventure. You will make lifelong memories.


February 14, 2016

love with heart

Show those closest to you that you love them….a loving hug, smile, whisper, your voice.

February..Heart Awareness Month  ‘GOING RED FOR WOMEN’   MEN too Listen Up!    2016

heart disease: Red fabric heart with stehoscope

Heart Attacks are a leading cause of death. Every 43 seconds or about 735,0000 Americans in the United States has a heart attack. Heart disease is preventable with regular exams, healthy eating and exercise. Developing heart disease can be hereditary, but knowing your family history can impact your treatment plan with your doctor.

A heart attack occurs when a part of the muscle of the heart is damaged or dies because of blood flow which is reduced or completely blocked.

Five of the major symptoms are:

  • Pain or discomfort in the neck, jaw or back, excessive sweating.
  • Feeling light-headed, faint or weak.
  • Chest pain or discomfort.
  • Pain or discomfort in arms or shoulder.
  • Shortness of breath.

Other symptoms include unusual tiredness, nausea or vomiting.

What to do if you or someone you notice are having symptoms?

CALL   9-1-1   Immediately!

The sooner an individual gets to the emergency room the sooner one will receive appropriate treatment. Tests can be quickly run to make a determination if a heart attack is occurring. In some cases, CPR or defibrillation is needed. Medical personnel or a trained individual can begin this process immediately while waiting for emergency assistance.

Heart muscles require oxygen to survive. When the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off heart attacks occur. The heart coronary arteries that supply the heart muscle with blood flow can slowly become narrow from a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances that together are called plaque. This is known as atherosclerosis. A blood clot forms around the plaque. When this occurs it is called ischemia. The outcome is a heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI).

Why didn’t I have any warning?

Atherosclerosis has no symptoms. This happens when other arteries near the narrowing one takes over the blood supply. This damage to the heart muscle can form scar tissue. The heart is a very tough organ. If it is damaged, it can become weaker and cannot pump as much blood as usual.

Will I recover from a Heart Attack?

The answer is “most likely..yes”.  The heart begins to heal after an attack and usually takes about eight weeks. This time is determined by the extent of damage, size and location of the scar tissue. Most heart attack survivors have some degree of coronary artery disease (CAD).

What can I do to Prevent Heart Attacks?

Begin by assessing your risk factors and working to keep them low.

Eight Lifestyle Changes:

  • Stop of Do Not Smoke.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet. Control cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes and overweight.
  • Reduce Blood Cholesterol. Have your HDL and LDL checked by your doctor.
  • Lower High Blood Pressure. Strokes are less likely with a lower blood pressure.
  • Be Physically Active on a daily basis. Suggested 40 minutes 3-4 sessions a week.
  • Healthy Weight. Good nutrition, controlling calorie intake and be physically active.
  • Reduce Stress. Learn to relax. Yoga, mindfulness and remaining calm will help.
  • Limit Alcohol. Limit drinking which can raise blood pressure and contribute to high triglycerides and produce irregular heart heartbeats. A few glasses of red wine has been shown to be healthy.


Women and Men DO HAVE different symptoms. One out of three women are at a high risk of heart attack. Check with your doctor and have any blood tests recommended. Be Pro-Active is your approach. Do Not wait until a pain begins. Start early in your life with a healthy lifestyle.





January, 2016 has arrived and individuals are deciding what type of exercise fitness program they would like to participate in.  You notice I said “deciding”. The options are mind-blowing.

health and fitness: Fitness concept flat Isolated vector illustration and modern design element

Question is…What is your level of motivation?  At the beginning of the year, it can range from 0 to 110 percent. We all know we ‘should’ and ‘need’ some form of exercise. But “What is Best for ME?” You need to decide WHAT type of program are you willing to Start and Continue with? A Fitness Gym will cost you money and will you continue ‘going to the gym’ on a regular basis or will you happen to be one of the people who purchase the membership and after a (week, month) just discontinue going.  Why?  Work schedule, family responsibilities, traffic, errands and a number of other situations.

Fitness equipment dumbbells,yoga mat, on wood background. Stock Photo

Where to join is the next step. The YMCA, Fitness Centers,  Health Clubs, Gyms and Specialized Class Centers are possibilities. Determine ‘what’ type of exercise or fitness regime you want to participate in. A recommendation would be to Google a site such as www.sparkpeople to view articles and videos and fitness communities. Find a location located on your drive home or in your neighboring area. Once home, it may be difficult to leave again. Keep all necessary workout clothing in your car in a carry bag.

Equipment in fitness room

Other options are the numerous videos, television shows (which can be taped) for at home workouts or classes at area schools, churches or social clubs. Decide if you want low impact or high impact exercises. What type of equipment will be required.  Most places have a day pass to try out their facility. Take advantage of a free cycling class, weight training or yoga. Find a place where you feel ‘comfortable’ and know you will return on a frequent basis. Check out their payment schedule and any fees involved.

healthy heart: Smily heart running on treadmill - 3D render

Why exercise? There are hundreds of reasons, foremost the effect it will have on your health. Exercise helps you become stronger, confident, goal orientated, helps prevent diabetes, heart conditions, cancer risks, reduces back pain, lifts your mood, sets an example for your children and in the long run will have you looking more fit and happier. Who doesn’t want to fit into a smaller size when in a dressing room!

So, find a friend to join you or confidently walk inside to the reception desk and start asking questions and take a tour of the facility.

Start today!