Month: August 2015

Plan Ahead For Fall  –  Why not a cruise?

The month of August is coming to an end quickly. Summer vacation is over and students are heading back to the classrooms. It’s time to pick up the magazines which have been piling up on the floor and open the cover and start reading. I’m retired and I still have not found time to page through and read all the informative articles. Fall is here and it is time to get started.

Fall is my favorite season with the changing colors of leaves, the crisp mornings, less humidity and great outdoor activity time. Time to grab the camera and head out the door.

This time of the year is also vacation planning time. Have you seen the cruise deals and air deals lately? As many of you may know I am ‘addicted’ to cruising. I am gathering all my photos and have a list of cruise lines I have traveled with and will share that information in the upcoming weeks. I will be sailing away on my 15th cruise in December. (I actually cruise frequently because that is how my husband likes to travel. We don’t get lost, even with a GPS, and we only unpack once.) I have packing for a cruise down to an art form. If we drive to the port it is 2 small suitcases, 1 large case and a carry-on for my camera equipment. If we fly, it is 2 small suitcases and 2 backpacks, that’s it. No checking luggage.



As of today, I have sailed on Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian and Bahama Breeze. In the coming weeks, I will be posting my cruise experiences.

Planning a cruise? Do you have questions? Sign up for my emails and ask away. I will reply shortly.

Mary Ann

The Florida Gulfshore from Tampa south to the Keys has been drenched with rain this year. Mornings, if you are fortunate, are the best time to move about. The humidity mixed with the temperatures will ‘fry an egg on the concrete’.  Watching the weather reports never changes. Rain every day with lightening and thunder, especially mid-afternoon into the evening and early morning hours. So, as a visitor what is there to do? Plenty.

Things to do indoors in Florida:

  • Shell Factory (North Fort Myers). This complex has more shells than the beach.  Souvenirs of every kind are on shelves and hanging from the ceiling. There is a Pet Area with toys, cards, collars…all things pets that children and adults love. The Christmas Store is huge with decorated trees, ornaments, Christmas villages, beautiful figurines….anything you want to begin your holiday shopping…including a Halloween area!  There is an area of animals on display and stuffed, cuddly ones to purchase. When you get hungry, you will find a Subway, ice cream parlor and other eating opportunities. Remember the cards you bought in the card area? There is a US Postal Service inside.  The newest on ground in the zipline for thrills. A restaurant is located on property with beverages and a wide variety of food on the menu.
  • Shopping. Enter ‘shopping’ on your GPS and there is a mall close to you. Both outdoor, somewhat covered malls and indoor malls are everywhere. Included are the Outlet Malls.
  • Restaurants. Stop and look in any direction and you will see cafes and restaurants serving every type of meal you desire.
  • Museums. In every city, there is at least one museum providing hours of fun and experiences. Some learning may take place as well.
  • Libraries. both large and small offer quiet niches to read or use computers.
  • Theaters. Practically every mall has a movie theater nearby. Catch a new release.
  • Hotels. Most accommodations have indoor pools, arcades, fitness centers, business centers or just hanging out in the room playing board games or electronic devices.
  • Chamber of Commerce.  Each community has a chamber of commerce or visitor’s center. Stop in and check out the brochures and ask questions about the area you are visiting.

Hopefully, the skies will clear and you will be able to enjoy the beaches down the entire coast.

Florida is one huge playground. Enjoy!camera uploads 164